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As you get older, primary care has never been more important. Let’s talk about how our primary care healthcare providers can better care for you.

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Why patients choose Optimal Family Care

Our first time here and we will definitely be back! Vanessa is amazing and one of the most honest health care providers I have ever dealt with. She helped us…
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Vanessa is Awesome! She takes the time to listen and focuses on your health. She really cares. Also her office staff is the nicest I have ever met !
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Great service! Listened to every concern. Made me feel heard and comfortable.
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Love the care and service that Optimal Family Care has. The best amzing ppl on this earth. They do really care about you and make sure your good. Got my…
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Had a great experience with Optimal Family Care. The easy of getting an appointment and having an experienced and friendly healthcare provider listen to my concerns as well as taking…
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My husband comes in about every other week to get an IV because this Texas summer heat is no joke for those that work outside! He says he feels better…
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A few days ago, I was outside chopping wood. Luckily I had a splitting maul rather than a regular acts. Somehow the splitting mall bounced off of a branch and…
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Our primary care healthcare providers
treat the whole person.

At Optimal Family Care our focus of preventative care means we go above and beyond to make sure you stay healthy and out of the hospital. That means we handle everything from medical, social, and even behavioral health in a safe and clean healthcare providers office environment. Our primary care model connects patients to the right programs and resources for them. Making sure no one falls through the cracks. Our healthcare providers are well-versed in internal medicine, geriatric medicine, and even family medicine. With Internists and Geriatricians on staff to assist those specific needs.

Make Optimal Care your
Healthcare Provider’s Office.

Our model of Medicare approved healthcare providers provide takes your total health into consideration. A short list of medical services we provide:

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