A modern approach to primary care

This is no ordinary healthcare provider’s office. Rather than do things the typical way, we’ve created a membership-based primary care practice truly designed around our patients’ needs.
We do not accept insurance; however, we offer our own form of insurance with our membership plans. An Optimal Family Care membership makes it faster, easier, and more enjoyable to look after your health.

Connect to care same-day

Connect to on-demand care over video. Message our care team. Renew prescriptions and book appointments with just a few taps

Easily book appointments

All of our providers have access to your complete Optimal Family Care history — so you can get truly personalized care wherever you work, live, and travel.

Get help navigating the system

From billing questions insurance issues to specialist referrals, our care team is here to help guide you through the healthcare maze.

The Optimal Family Care experience goes above and beyond your typical primary care practice!

Optimal Family Care Typical primary care practices
Same-or next-day appointments
Appointments start on time Unlikely
Same-day virtual care
On-site lab services Unlikely
Longer, non-rushed appointments
Annual Exam w/ labs and w/ pap smear (Female)
Annual Exam w/ labs including PSA (Male)
Annual Exam (no labs) (Children)
Follow-up visit/sick visit/virtual visit

Our primary care healthcare provider treats the whole person.

At Optimal Family Care, our focus of preventative care means we go above and beyond to make sure you stay healthy and out of the hospital. That means we handle everything from medical, social, and even behavioral health in a safe and clean environment. Our primary care model connects patients to the right programs and resources, making sure no one falls through the cracks and is overlooked. Our healthcare providers are well-versed in pediatric medicine, geriatric medicine and the in-between medicine. They are comfortable treating the whole life-span.

Make Optimal Care your
Healthcare Provider’s Office.

Our medical model of providing annual primary care benefits takes your total health into consideration regardless of your age, background, or economical situation. This is short list of medical services we provide:

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