How is OFC making a difference?

The problem with the current healthcare system is that it’s designed to profit off of sick people, rather than keeping them healthy. This results in a lot of people not getting the care they need until it’s too late.

Minority communities such as the Houston Latino community are known for their significant disparities in health outcomes. They are more likely to have limited access to healthcare due to language and cultural barriers and because they are uninsured.

Vanessa saw a dream to bring healthcare to everyone in Houston and that’s exactly what she is doing. Optimal Family Care is a new kind of primary care clinic that is affordable, convenient, and designed to keep you healthy.

She believes getting quality health care is everyone’s right and not a privilege. This is why OFC provides services such as the Health Membership with low rates, includes telemedicine, prescriptions, next or same-day appointments and many more benefits to the Latino community in Houston.This membership only provides care by Optimal Family Care. It does not cover any services outside of Optimal Family Care; however, OFC has partnered with many resources outside for discounted rates for their services.

With her help, the Latino community in Houston is getting better access to healthcare and is seeing improvements in their health outcomes!
Thank you Vanessa for all that you do!

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